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I am honored to be featured in an article in Western Colorado’s High Country Shopper newspaper. I was recently interviewed by their talented staff writer Stu Carlson, who wrote a lovely synopsis of my art career from its inception in San Antonio, Texas through its current home on Colorado’s gorgeous Western Slope. Stu was a fun interviewer and asked thoughtful questions about my career, what it’s like for me to be a professional artist and how my business has progressed from only painting custom pet portraits to now also painting abstracts and landscapes.

An excerpt:

Robin Arthur would have her day as an artist, but that would have to wait. As a young single mom just out of high school, Robin decided that the inconsistent income of an artist was not a wise career choice. Though she attended art school and received her degree, she put her passion on hold and worked as a marketing specialist for the University of North Texas. Several years later, when it was clear that her daughter was on her own two feet as an adult, she picked up her paintbrush and has not put it down since. 

Robin grew up in Texas and began to paint in earnest while living in San Antonio, where she produced several Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) style portraits of pets. Dia de los Muertos celebrates deceased family members, and pets are honored as often as people. The style combines colorful imagery with smiling skeletons adorned with flowers and butterflies, which can be both whimsical and somewhat macabre. San Antonio is sometimes called the most northern city in Mexico, and the style is very popular there. Robin had discovered her niche. Before long, her work caught on, and orders for portraits of both living and deceased pets began to mount. . . 

Please click here to read the full article. Enjoy!

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