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Brighten Your World With My Custom Pet Portraits, Landscapes and Abstracts!

I have spent 25 years painting hundreds of portraits, abstracts and landscapes and selling thousands of reproductions to customers and collectors around the globe. I am most well known for my custom pet portraits that are as bold and bright as your furry friends. These portraits are conversation pieces that help you preserve cherished memories of your pets from the past and present. All of my paintings will bring you joy now and into the future!

Other Work

I also paint custom and original portraits of farm animals and wildlife, expressive abstracts and Colorado-themed landscapes. All of this work is ready to display, and my colors are bold and bright enough to light up your home and the mood of everyone in it. In addition to my hand painted artwork, I also digitally design, draw and paint Mid-Century Modern inspired abstracts (Mod Blobs) that can be printed on paper and canvas or mounted to wooden art panels. My background includes working with interior designers and collectors on custom colors, and I can tailor-make any of my artwork to coordinate with your preferred color scheme

Visit my Etsy Shop for hundreds of reproductions of my abstracts, landscapes, pet portraits and Mod Blobs!

Get your hands on custom pet portraits that catch eyes and steal hearts. Neither your paintings nor your memories will fade!

Step One

Want a monstrous painting as your home or office’s center of attention or a small or medium-sized one for your very favorite cozy nook? Purchase your portrait according to your preferred size.

Step Two

Time to show off your pet! Got tons of pictures of your furry family member? Send your very best, biggest and brightest photos of your fur babies my way! Email clear photos of your pet to robin@robinart.com.

Step Three

Want your painting to look realistic, whimsical, sugar skull (Day of the Dead) style or all of the above? Want to sneak in some symbols associated with your pet? Discuss the content of your portrait with me, here

Step Four

At this point, you might have sleepless nights thinking about the day your painting arrives, but sit back and relax! Let me do the magic and create your art!

Step Five

Are you ready? Because your painting is! This is the day you’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting so patiently for . . . when your painting gets shipped right to your doorstep.

Step Six

Know that great things take time. Completion varies because my paintings are in high demand. If the portrait is a gift and cannot wait, I offer gift certificates!

Gift Certificates

My gift certificates allow you to give someone an original, custom portrait without having to submit photos or manage its production. Your gift recipient will work with me on the photo submission, portrait content, preferred color schemes and anything else they need in order to collaborate with me for the perfect custom portrait! In this way, I help you warm your recipient’s heart immediately, without the wait! You get all the glory – they do all the work! Click here to order a gift certificate. Someone will love you for it!

Take it from those who lived the experience.
They filled their rooms with my paintings (and the conversations that came with them).
Oh my god Robin, I am beside myself! I am so grateful for your artistry and incredibly hard work. This was truly a work of love, I know you spent so many loving hours on this! We can’t thank you enough!!! ❤️
RobiniArt portrait of Camille by Robin Arthur
Julia Douglas
Olympia, WA
We just LOVE Robin’s portrait of our sweet Ballona. This is our second portrait our fur family, and each one is fabulously special. Can’t wait to commission another!
Carie Krumme
Los Angeles, CA
Working with Robin was a treat. We are all in love with the vibrant colors and the captured personality that she was able to express in Carmine’s portrait! Thank you, Robin!
Nick Nunu and Brittany Miller
Denver, CO
THANK YOU!!! It is amazing and looks even better in person!! It really looks just like them and has captured their personalities perfectly!
Golly Tabatabaie Martin
San Francisco, CA

Where to see my work, if not on your walls?

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Share your memories and tell your stories through
thought provoking, hand painted portraits. Want to know more?
Drop me a message.

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