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Colorado Artist Robin ArthurPlease take a few minutes to read my article in Canvas Rebel Magazine where I discuss the art business and my laziness when it comes to learning about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Haha! Here’s a snippet from the interview:

In your view, what can society to do to best support artists, creatives and a thriving creative ecosystem?

The answer is simple, “BUY ART AND PROMOTE YOUR PURCHASE”. Haha! I find it interesting that so few people understand the value of art in our society, when it is literally draped across every single aspect of their lives – from cell phone cover options to product packaging. Art is everywhere. It is in music videos, movies, magazines, billboards . . . it is used to brand corporations . . . it is in galleries, museums, thrift stores . . . Historians study art in order to learn about the beginnings of the human race and to study the histories of all cultures. The world as we know it would be a complete blank without visual arts. Even so, artists continue to struggle to find buyers and to convince people to purchase their creations. I find it quite maddening sometimes to see someone spend money on, say, a big, expensive dinner in order to try and impress a date. Yes, the dinner is nice, but how about if they had spent the same amount of money on a work of art that their special person could treasure for a lifetime and pass down to other generations?

There’s much more where that came from! Click here to read!

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