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Want to Dive Deep Into RobinArt?

Start by diving into a conversation with me.

Photo of Colorado Artist Robin Arthur, aka RobiniArt, in Paonia, Colorado in 2022

To inquire about landscapes, abstracts, custom portrait commissions, gift certificates, interviews, art shows, licensing or anything else, please contact me via robin@robiniart.com, 512-963-4892 or via the short form, below. My mailing address is PO BOX 442, Paonia, CO 81428. You can also find me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

    “Hey, Robin painted that!”

    I’ve made thousands of pet owners and art lovers happy for over 25 years through my original paintings and printed reproductions! I am on a mission to bring you joy and keep your dearest memories alive with my bold, bright and unique paintings. I came from a family with an artistic background, which would’ve been plenty of reason for others to support dreams of an art career. But, even if I was greatly influenced by my mom’s abstracts and my family’s Mid-Century Modern style… I am no hobbyist. I’m part of the 16% of endangered species of artists who have a Bachelor of Fine Arts . . . giving you a painting that doesn’t look straight out of high school.

    How do I bring your painting to life? 

    I do this by getting to know you. Once we jump into a call or email, the floor is yours! Spare no detail about you and your subject (be it your pet or your favorite place). This will help me, my brushes and my paint to piece together the story you want to tell. Keeping your story in mind, I will paint your subject with bright and bold colors using mixed styles, media and techniques.

    What keeps me painting?

    Love for family, friends, wildlife, beautiful landscapes and . . . dogs. Yep! Just like you. A combination of chocolate, wine and music? That’s what gets me going. Add my paintings to that combo, and now it’s a party. My pet portraits are as sweet as chocolate. My abstracts are as calm and relaxing as a glass of wine. My landscapes are as soothing as music.

    When I’m not painting, where will you find me?

    I’ll be cooking, gardening, making my house cozy and advocating for water conservation. I paint from Colorado’s Western Slope, where I am hyper aware of two things: the lack of precipitation and the need to avoid wasting precious water resources. Because of this, I am mindful about how I water my indoor and outdoor plants and am beginning a series of paintings that highlight the beauty of western Colorado’s native plant species. I also encourage others to be conscious of daily water consumption through paintings that promote natural and water-savvy approaches to yard maintenance.

    Want to know what else I’m up to?

     Check out my work in progress in my Robin’s Nest, i.e. Instagram!  @robiniart. • @robinarthurart  •  @modblobs 

    Take it from those who lived the experience.

    They stop in their tracks every time my portraits catch their eyes.
    You captured our baby girl perfectly! So beautiful, and we are in love with your art. Erin is missed dearly, but I can only hope she is somewhere as lovely and colorful as your paintings! Thank you!
    The Jerman Family
    Naperville, IL
    I always think your paintings are gorgeous when I see them online, but when I see them in front of me, and I’m surprised and amazed even more! I love this painting. It is gorgeous! You are simply amazing!
    Daniela Parra
    I LOVE my portrait of Morgan. Robin spent a lot of time with us and had insight into the best photo to use for the portrait. It truly captures Morgan’s personality and spirit and we are so grateful for the lifetime art she created!
    Lisa Levy
    Houston, TX

    Please note that there are no refunds, exchanges or returns on custom portraits whether Robin Arthur (RobinArt/RobiniArt) has physically begun painting your portrait or not. Robin Arthur (RobiniArt) reserves the right to reuse images of her original artwork and to create derivative works of art therefrom. By commissioning artwork from RobiniArt, customer expressly grants Robin Arthur d/b/a RobinArt, a worldwide, non-exclusive license to use, publish, reproduce, and sell, any works based on images provided by customer, and agrees that consideration for such license has been received by customer in the form of a discount applied to the price paid by customer for their commissioned artwork.


    My name is Robin, and when I was a child, my mother gave me the nickname Robini (rhymes with Houdini). That nickname and a shortened form of my last name, Arthur, have combined to form the word “RobiniArt”, the name of my thriving animal portrait and abstract art businesses.

    I currently live and work on the wild and rugged Western Slope of the Colorado Rockies in a tiny town called Paonia that is known for organic farming, wineries, hippies and a lively arts scene.

    My portraits bring joy, happiness, beauty and vibrant color to customers across the United States and Mexico. Born and raised in Texas, I am influenced by Texas and Mexican style and believe that my work embodies the cultural shift happening in the United States. It is fresh, bright, beautiful, passionate and filled with the warmth and sunshine of Mexico, Texas and the American West. Typical design elements are flowers, ferns, butterflies, spiders, flower eyes and starry skies.

    In 2019, as a brain break from the strict practice of custom portraiture, I started painting abstracts that are influenced by mid-century modern style and colors with a mix of my own aesthetic. The mid-mod design era has been a permanent fixture throughout my lifetime, starting with my grandparents’ mid-century, ranch-style home in Lindale, TX. My great uncle Jack “Babe” Wilson was one of the architect partners behind the iconic Ju-Nel Homes in Dallas, TX. My brother James was instrumental in the creation of Moonshine Shades, a custom lighting company with a focus on Atomic Age design. The mid-mod style is my comfort zone. Something about its clean lines calms me. My abstract paintings are the perfect icing on a mid-century modern cake. 

    I earned a BFA in drawing and painting at the University of North Texas (UNT) in Denton, TX, studying with Vincent FalsettaRob ErdleAnnette LawrenceRobert Jessup and Ed Blackburn. I took most of my studio classes as a single mom, raising a daughter on my own and sometimes bringing her to class with me. Those are happy memories, to be sure, and even further imbedded my passion of weaving work with home. 

    If you are interested in commissioning a portrait or have questions about my abstract paintings,
    please call  512-963-4892, email  robin@robiniart.com or complete this form.

    Contact Me: 512-963-4892