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Custom Commissions

Take it from those who have lived the experience.

“Every time I stop to look at Robin’s portrait of Maple, my daughter’s Goldendoodle – and that’s often – I see something new. The spirited color palette and the many details – some subtle, others more prominent – give the work a spontaneity that bursts off the substrate. The iconography of my family’s shared life together – plumb blossoms, shadows of Dewi Ratih, honeybees – make the piece timeless. There are precious few things that bring equal pleasure to a precocious ten-year-old girl and her much older father. Robin has used her prodigious talent to gift us just that – a priceless piece of pure joy, mined from the vein of unabashed mirth that must surely occupy a large piece of real estate inside her own heart and head.”
Stretch Ledford
"Robin is a very gifted artist. She will translate the essence of your loving pet and his personality to canvas in such a fun and happy way, with great detail. She will listen and produce wonderful results. The process was very easy. Choose a clear picture of the pose you would like, then choose from her many examples of color, style and size. Then, wait and watch and be ready to be delighted! Grady’s portrait is now one of my favorite things!"
Bev Miller
Puyallup, WA

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Because your pets are practically members of the family, it is only natural that you would want to include a picture of your beloved pooch, kitten or even rooster on your family photo wall. However, a photograph simply may not capture your pet’s unique personality or convey what your animal means to you. This is where my custom pet portraits can bridge the gap, delivering not only a likeness of your pets but also their personalities and mannerisms that you find so endearing. Working from a photograph, I will create a custom piece that perfectly represents your furry friend in vibrant colors that bring incredible joy to your décor. Click below to get started! If you don’t see a category for your subject, below, please click Birds and All Other Creatures and place your order there. If you are curious about pricing for portraits of people, please reach out to me personally via the form at the top of my About page by clicking here


For many years, I have demonstrated my talent in various genres of art, and I have painted hundreds of custom pet portraits for customers across North America. I joined the ranks of Colorado’s newest landscape painters in 2019, and now offer custom landscape commissions of beautiful Colorado and beyond. To order a custom landscape painting, click Landscapes, below. From there, you can purchase your desired canvas size and start the custom landscape process. 

Please note that there are no refunds, exchanges or returns on custom portraits whether Robin Arthur (RobinArt, RobiniArt) has physically started painting your portrait or not. Robin Arthur reserves the right to reuse images of her original artwork and to create derivative works of art therefrom. By commissioning artwork from RobinArt, customer expressly grants Robin Arthur d/b/a RobinArt, a worldwide, non-exclusive license to use, publish, reproduce, and sell, any works based on images provided by customer, and agrees that consideration for such license has been received by customer in the form of a discount applied to the price paid by customer for their commissioned artwork.

Contact Me: 512-963-4892