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Where I Work

By October 17, 2020No Comments

Here is where I sit every day and paint for you in the beautiful Colorado town of Paonia. My vintage drafting table is strong, sturdy, weathered and old, with a long drawer for stashing extras. Its paint-covered surface would make for a beautiful abstract painting. I always keep my lucky cat with me while I work, to bring good luck.

I’ve worked at this table in front of nine different windows in nine different homes over the past nine years. Out of curiosity, I searched for information on the number 999 and discovered that it is very daydreamy and interesting! It is an “angel number”. Who knew there was such a thing? According to this link, my angels are preparing good things for me, and I should be happy. Well, alrighty then! I am!

I stand on top of my old table to close the curtains each night and wonder when I’ll be too old to hop up there, or when the table will be too tired to hold me.

Enjoy the tour!

Contact Me: 512-963-4892