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I painted a new Polish Chicken and his name is Todd. Lol! The original is on its way to my cousin in Katy, TX. Her husband’s name is Todd so. . . . . she needed it. She did, y’all!

You can purchase prints of sweet Todd at my Etsy store on either wrapped canvas that arrives ready-to-hang or on lucious, bright white fine art paper. Click here to search for Todd on different background colors or feel free to suggest your favorite color to me, and I’ll do one custom, just for you!

I discovered a whole world of chicken lovers on Facebook a while back. There are literally hundreds of different Facebook groups and pages devoted to chickens of all kinds: Frizzles, Polish, silkies, Sussex, Chochin, Plymouth Rock . . . and on and on and on.

These birds are gorgeous! And, they make great pets! Chickens as pets are becoming more and more popular these days. They’re a great way to teach children where their eggs come from, and their quirky personalities are super entertaining.

One of my chicken portraits was recently featured on the cover of the San Diego Reader for a story about the rise in popularity of the backyard chicken. Click here to read the story. Here’s the pretty lady that they featured. Her title is “Pink Lady” and you can buy prints of her by clicking here.

Pink and Read Chicken by RobiniArt
Portrait of a pink and red chicken by Robin Arthur, aka RobiniArt

Browse for your favorite RobiniArt chicken print today at www.RobiniArt.etsy.com. Enjoy!!!!

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