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RobiniArt Renaissance ComparisonFor the art history buffs . . . an illustration of how the Italian Renaissance influences my work, with an accompanying link in my bio (https://linktr.ee/RobiniArt) to an essay by Nicole Smith about how this era’s “dawning recognition of human potential and scientific inquiry shaped the course of Western history and does still influence contemporary American culture today.”

According to the author, “With their emphasis on Renaissance humanism and a new, more balanced approach to handling religion, Renaissance artists and writers have shaped the course of Western and American history and thought. Men such as da Vinci taught us about the value of combining science and art and writers such as Francis Bacon taught us how knowledge and modes of inquiry are essential to our being. Without these and other key Renaissance figures, one can only imagine what kind of a world we might live in. It even be reasonable to assume it would be a theocracy in which all art was of a religious nature and all thinkers limited to a narrow scope of subjects. Instead, we have the freedom to think, experiment, and observe as well as to read and consider art as a reflection of reality, not necessarily anything else.”

The Renaissance influence on my bright, happy pet portraits and animal artwork may not be as overtly profound as it is in other disciplines, but my nod to this era in humanity illustrates the gravity of our relationships to our furry friends and how we adore them.

For more information on the Renaissance, please visit https://www.telegraph.co.uk/art/london-culture/renaissance-changed-the-world/

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