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Love board collage for my sweet old dog, Frank. This portrait features photos of Frank from the first day we brought him home from the pound in 2000 or 2001 (I forget) through April, 2016. In addition to the painted background and photos,  I’ve hand-written various words and questions we use when speaking to Frank like, “Tiny Tim”, “Prancer” and “Whose head is too small for his body?” Tee hee . . .  don’t ask. These nick names  and silly phrases are so personal that they’re really only familiar to Frank and family, which makes this piece all the more special. 16×16. Acrylic, paper and pen on gesso board. © RobiniArt, 2015.
Interested in a love board of your pet? Please call me for a consultation at 512-963-4892 or email robin@robiniart.com.

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