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Please enjoy this video of my charming portrait of a pretty young woman named Camille. In the video, I talk about different visual elements in the painting, the various materials I used in its production and the methods I used to create the finished work of art. This painting was created in my home studio in Paonia, Colorado, but will hang in the beautiful Pacific Northwest region of the United States.

My collector asked me to incorporate native plants and flowers from the Pacific Northwest into the painting. Look closely to see fiddlehead and other ferns, mushrooms, berries, herbs and native flowers. Of course, I added my trademark daisies, because I just can’t help myself! I was also asked to insert hummingbirds and the names of Camille’s immediate family members. I also added lots of ladybugs around the arc and a few of my teeny, tiny spiders that I generally sneak into all my portraits. I used chalk pastels, acrylic paint, graphite and colored pencils for Camille’s skin tones, and I wove some color into her cute, pixie hair.

In my opinion, this is one of my most successful portraits to date. I’d love to hear your thoughts, as well! Enjoy the video! – Robin

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