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“Every time I stop to look at Robin’s portrait of Maple, my daughter’s Goldendoodle – and that’s often – I see something new. The spirited color palette and the many details – some subtle, others more prominent – give the work a spontaneity that bursts off the substrate. The iconography of my family’s shared life together – plumb blossoms, shadows of Dewi Ratih, honeybees – make the piece timeless. There are precious few things that bring equal pleasure to a precocious ten-year-old girl and her much older father. Robin has used her prodigious talent to gift us just that – a priceless piece of pure joy, mined from the vein of unabashed mirth that must surely occupy a large piece of real estate inside her own heart and head.”

– Stretch Ledford, Illinois

“Hey Mom, that’s me!” If you want to have a special piece of art to show off the loves of your lives, contact Robin!
– Melissa Mallek, San Antonio, TX

It looks incredible! I love it! I’m so excited, it looks just like him. I’m truly in awe. Thank you so much!
– E. Adams, Denver, CO

Benny checking out his portrait by Robin! I think he loves it as much as I do!
– Kim Wiles, Greenville, KY

Beautiful! Love it!
– Terry Simons, Northridge, CA

Long haired grey cat custom portrait by RobiniArt

Robin’s paintings of my two beautiful cats bring me so much joy. She truly captured the essence of their personalities in these detailed works of art. I feel like I’m looking at MY cat! I place the paintings in places I see them often and I am reminded of the sweet cats I had for 20 years Her paintings are beautiful, vibrant, detailed and joyful. If you have every considered having your cherished pet captured in time with a painting, you will not regret working with Robin Arthur. 
– Laura Williams, Leander, TX

We just LOVE Robin’s portrait of our sweet Ballona. This is our second portrait our fur family, and each one is fabulously special. Can’t wait to commission another!
– Carie Krumme, Los Angeles, CA

Working with Robin was a treat. We are all in love with the vibrant colors and the captured personality that she was able to express in Carmine’s portrait! Thank you, Robin!
– Nick Nunu and Brittany Miller, Denver, CO

We can’t say enough great things about the painting and service we received. The artwork is everything and more that we had hoped for, and everytime I see it, I have a flood of great memories or our time with Scout. The whole process was a joy, and our expectations were very much exceeded.
– S. Repton, Montrose, CO

I LOVE my portrait of Morgan. Robin spent a lot of time with us and had insight into the best photo to use for the portrait. It truly captures Morgan’s personality and spirit and we are so grateful for the lifetime art she created!
– Lisa Levy, Houston, TX

THANK YOU!!! It is amazing and looks even better in person!! It really looks just like them and has captured their personalities perfectly!
– Golly Tabatabaie Martin, San Francisco, CA

You captured our baby girl perfectly! So beautiful, and we are in love with your art. Erin is missed dearly, but I can only hope she is somewhere as lovely and colorful as your paintings! Thank you!
– The Jerman Family, Naperville, IL

I always think your paintings are gorgeous when I see them online, but then I see them in front of me, and I’m surprised and amazed even more I love this painting. It is gorgeous! You are simply amazing!
– Daniela Parra, Tomball, TX

Robin has never met my Siberian Huskies, but her animation of them from a photo was truly amazing!! She captured their energy and spirit amid vibrant colors. Their coat and eye colors are perfect replicas. Art imitates life. Robin is a great talent, making it happen.
– Jennifer Craig, Simi Valley, CA

★★★★★ I can’t recommend this item enough. The customer service was amazing, and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the painting was done and shipped to me. I feel Sadie’s spirit every time I look at it, and am forever grateful. Her legacy lives on. Every pet owner needs one. Thank you SO much.
– Lindsey B., Highland, IN

Robin is a very gifted artist. She will translate the essence of your loving pet and his personality to canvas in such a fun and happy way, with great detail. She will listen and produce wonderful results. The process was very easy. Choose a clear picture of the pose you would like, then choose from her many examples of color, style and size. Then, send her a check, wait and watch and be ready to be delighted! Grady’s portrait is now one of my favorite things!
– Bev Miller, Puyallup, WA

Please note that there are no refunds, exchanges or returns on custom portraits whether Robin Arthur (RobiniArt) has physically started painting your portrait or not. Robin Arthur reserves the right to reuse images of her original artwork and to create derivative works of art therefrom. By commissioning artwork from RobiniArt, customer expressly grants Robin Arthur d/b/a RobiniArt, a worldwide, non-exclusive license to use, publish, reproduce, and sell, any works based on images provided by customer, and agrees that consideration for such license has been received by customer in the form of a discount applied to the price paid by customer for their commissioned artwork.
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