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Gather Everyone for Good Times and New Memories

Conversations Are on Me

According to my art collectors, starting a conversation and keeping it going is consistently a breeze when my paintings are hanging on their walls. What stories would my art help YOU tell if you had one of my paintings in your home or office? How about one featuring a cherished memory of your pet, inspired by an item you asked me to sneak into its portrait (favorite toy, tennis ball, treats)? Tell your guests about the bliss you felt the first time you looked at your new, custom portrait that now hangs so proudly in your home or office.

Do stories connected to my portraits spark continued conversation about your guests’ favorite animals from their own lifetimes? Do my paintings stimulate discussion about fine art in general? Its purpose? Its illustration of history and religion? Its ability to reflect, change and inspire society? 

Maybe you and your guests can use my art to springboard into a debate on the merits of realism versus abstraction? Are they tired of traditional, realistic pet portraits? Are they exhausted by portraits that are so abstracted that they cannot even tell if the subject is a dog or cat? Are they excited to see my fresh, new perspective on the the pet portrait genre?


Are You More of a Wildlife and Farm Animal Fan?

I’ve Got You Covered

Keep the conversation going with my portraits of wildlife and farm animals! My paintings of threatened species like the prairie dog can encourage discussion on several topics ranging from wildlife conservation to environmental advocacy. My livestock and farm animal portraits might remind your guests of happy times on the ranch or stir up memories of their favorite horses and hens.

Do you have zoo creatures you attend to, livestock you wrangle or domestic farm animals that you care for? Are you a wildlife expert with a fondness for all things untamed? Have you chosen a critter that represents your personality, or do you have a spirit animal who visits you in your dreams? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, check out my ready-to-display animal paintings or contact me to have one customized, just for you!

Whether it is a dog, cat, chicken, farm animal, wild animal, bird, insect or reptile—I will paint your subject with a thoughtful combination of realism and/or Dia de Los Muertos (sugar skull) styles to give you the best of both worlds: a whimsical feel and an accurate illustration of your animal—from head to toe, inside and out.


Do You Question the Meaning of Abstract Art?

There is no quicker way to start a conversation and debate than to bring up the topic of abstract art and its merits. Abstract art is defined as technique that does not attempt to depict reality in any manner – rather, it uses color, shape, lines and angles to create something conceptual. People love it, hate it, are confused by it, adore it, are fascinated by it, are angry at it, are forgiving of it . . . Wait, are we still talking about abstract art or something else? 

And, therein, lies its appeal.

My abstracts are an expressive, multi-layered experience in bright, saturated colors with hints of metallic golds, greens and copper. I build layers with gesso and acrylic mediums and also distresses their surfaces with sandpaper in order to add texture. I often subtly inject the human form into my abstract paintings and have been known to focus on dance and fertility. Look for hints of tea stains and soy sauce. 

I have recently further developed my art practice with the acquisition of tools to allow me to create abstract art digitally. Say hello to Mod Blobs! Mod Blobs are not just decorative fine art prints in a wide variety of sizes—they are time travel! My Mid-Century Modern inspired, atomic abstracts bring you a pop of 1950s color and style to give your home that retro vibe. They are printed in rich, vibrant, archival inks on sumptuous art papers in sizes ranging from 8×8 inches all the way up to 30×40 inches. 

My alluring abstract paintings will help you, your friends and your guests escape the present and hop on a train of thought and debate. CLICK HERE TO SHOP FOR MY ABSTRACT ORIGINALS AND CLICK HERE FOR REPRODUCTIONS AT MY ETSY SHOP!

Do Natural Surroundings Make You Sing?

Maybe you and your guests are city dwellers who need to bring nature into your homes in order to bring calm amid urban hustle and bustle. Or, maybe you know people who have deep roots in the country? Do they worship nature? Do they work to protect sacred lands? Maybe there is a place in nature that holds cherished memories for you and/or visitors to your home or office. Strike up a conversation on any of these topics, and commemorate special places outdoors with my landscape paintings and prints. 

Looking for something else? It could be in my Etsy shop. Head over there now!

There’s More to These Paintings Than Meets the Eye

• Painted on Ampersand Museum Series Gessobord to give you that fresh from the gallery quality and feel.

• Full of meaning – symbols sneaked in to give you a more personalized experience. 

• A background bursting with colors and elements, so you won’t run out of things to look at and think about.

• Not just one, but a mix of media to bring you a painting that’s full of life—no matter which angle you look from.

You Might Be Wondering

You have an option for me to paint your animal of choice realistically, in the Dia de Los Muertos (sugar skull) style or a combo of those two styles.

I typically mix acrylic paint, graphite, art markers, pens and colored pencils. Sometimes I uses tea as a wash to tone down colors for a more subdued painting.

Nope! I use very tiny brushes for the black outline and other details.

I paint with very thin, watery pigments and thicker pigments to mix the fluidity of paint on the canvas.

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I am open to customizing abstract and landscape paintings! You may send me an email to discuss your painting ideas.

Take It From Those Who Lived the Experience

Their days and homes are brightened every day by my paintings.

“Hey Mom, that’s me!” If you want to have a special piece of art to show off the loves of your lives, contact Robin!
Melissa Mallek
San Antonio, TX
It looks incredible! I love it! I’m so excited, it looks just like him. I’m truly in awe. Thank you so much!
E. Adams
Denver, CO
Robin has never met my Siberian Huskies, but her animation of them from a photo was truly amazing!! She captured their energy and spirit amid vibrant colors.
Jennifer Craig
Simi Valley, CA

Ditch the small talk.
Enjoy deep conversations with your guests about the
story behind your painting.

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