Mother Color


“Mother Color” is a figurative abstract whose interpretation left to the viewer, because motherhood is not a singular experience, and frankly, it doesn’t always have a lot to do with women and babies. We are all familiar with the phrases “birth of an idea”, “birth of a movement”, “birth of a nation”, “birth of an era” and so on. Having said that, in my interpretation, this painting represents the physical and mental journey and the toil and rewards of going through the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process in order to, indeed, have a baby. I painted it when a dear artist friend of mine was struggling through her IVF journey, and I think this painting represents all that was going inside her, physically, mentally and emotionally. Its palette was chosen from mid-century modern design aesthetic.

  • 18 x 24, acrylic on gesso board (wooden canvas)
  • Extends about 1.5” from the wall and is ready to hang
  • Does not need a frame
  • Colors may vary due to changes in monitor settings
  • Ships in 1 -3 business days from purchase

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